Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, #5) Alexis Morgan



Kindle Edition

366 pages


Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, #5)  by  Alexis Morgan

Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, #5) by Alexis Morgan
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 366 pages | ISBN: | 6.75 Mb

Alexis Morgans seductive Paladin series continues with a red-hot romance between a powerful warrior sworn to secrecy and the irresistible woman who makes him lose control....Gwen Moselys life changes forever when she stumbles across a handsome stranger, bleeding and left for dead in the woods behind her farm.

But the real shock is how his wounds heal overnight -- a trait he shares with Gwens teenaged half-brother Chase.Jarvis Donahue cant keep his eyes -- or his hands -- off the sexy redhead who rescued him. Gwens warm smile and lust-filled eyes are impossible to resist...but Jarvis immediately recognizes Chase as a fellow Paladin, a warrior born to defend mankind in the relentless battle against the Others. Although Gwen may hate Jarvis for it, he is dutybound to introduce Chase to the Paladins dangerous lifestyle.As the barrier between the two worlds weakens, the threat grows perilously close to Gwens farm.

Jarvis is determined to protect his lover -- but if he reveals his identity, he not only betrays his peoples secret, he risks losing her forever....

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